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Q: What is it?

A: This unique game key for your account. It allows you to play on Mount & Blade Warband and Blood & Gold: Caribbean!. Also it required for our modes Fianna Mercenaries, Nord Invasion and Feudal World. You get a short unique MB ID, which is impossible to hack. So that no one except you could not play your characters, keep it a secret as account password! In the case of deliberate send you password or key to a third party, your account will be blocked.

Q: How to use it?

A: Copy and type it into the program textbox fianna_mb_key_register.exe, enter OK. Run program as Administrator. You need to install vcredist_x86 2013. If you get an error, turn off antivirus and firewall.

Q: With it i can play on other servers?

A: Of course. Except security, it is no different from the usual keys generated by the keygen. Recommended play with it on PW servers with bank script. Money from your account could not steal.

Q: I can play with it on multiple computers using a single account?

A: Yes, you can play with as many computers as you need to. Just once type the Fianna MB Key on each computer. In no case, do not create multiple accounts! This is strictly forbidden by rules.

Q: I get an error! What to do?

A: Read this topic and report about your problem.